Who Owns the Fox

Ever since Bebe was a baby, she was the keeper of the games. Usually, they involved a ball of some sort, but her imagination is not limited to orbular things.

One Christmas, Santa Daddy gave the kids a fox. The kind that has squeakers, but no stuffing. Squeakers get everyone’s attention, but only 4 actually engage in the hunt/kill proceedings. After shredding the packaging, a dogpile amassed on the little critter and screaming squeaks emitted from the center.

Soon the pile expands and four velvety soft muzzles baring fangs, each with a piece of the fox, appear. Flash is the largest and being male, the bulkiest of the four and could easily take off with the prey, but he prefers the game. Bebe is frustrated because she wants time to sit with the new toy and figure out the rules of this new game. Bonny is just joyful to be playing with her siblings and  getting some aerobic activity. Lizzy is, as usual just trying to hold her ground, being the youngest.

In spite of her lame shoulder, she is quite a strong little girl. She is also very mental. Bebe snapped at her once over a toy and Lizzy now feels the competition with her. It’s more than a game, “Bebe is not the boss of me!” is what runs through Lizzy’s little head. She demonstrates the temperament of her Dad, Dodge.

Through all this drama, Bebe eventually wins and has possession of the fox. For now.