We welcome you to our home. Known as the Comforter Spaniel, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are not outdone for their capacity to love and entertain.

Wondering if a Cavalier is right for your family? This is a great place to begin to learn about this breed. I am affiliated with the AKC for the preserving the characteristics of the breed. Health testing is an important factor in raising healthy and long-lived Cavaliers. There are other important factors when considering this breed, so come on in and check them out.

Loyal Companions

Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels are true companion dogs. Whatever is important to you will become important to them. While I work in my garden, my Cavaliers are right there with me sniffing around and checking out the plants and chasing lizards.


I have always had a special connection to animals of all kinds. I am able to clearly communicate with them understanding their needs, joys and fears. I had many breeds of dogs throughout the years, both mixed and pure breeds. When I rescued a Cavalier/Cocker Spaniel mix in 1991, I knew nothing about the breed until we had him for several years. He was much sweeter than any Cocker Spaniel than I had ever met.

After Sailor crossed over Rainbow Bridge, I began a deep search into this breed. I never thought I would ever find another dog with the special characteristics that Sailor had displayed. As I learned about Cavaliers I was comforted in my grief that when I was ready I would be able to find another dog like him because these were the exact characteristics expected in Cavaliers.


If you wish to pursue the possibility of having a Cavalier join your family, I would love to hear from you.

Kitty A Smith
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